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Currently, the official German Bio-Siegel is used by 5.426 companies on 80.984 products (October 31st, 2019).

The EU organic farming logo and the national German Bio-Siegel

Bio-Siegel and EU-Organic-Logo

Pursuant to the EU rules and regulations on organic farming and as of 1 July 2012, pre-packed organic foods must be labelled with the EU organic farming logo, the related code assigned by the control body and a general indication of origin regarding ingredients. This applies to both organically farmed products and to organic foods which are partially processed in the European Community.

Consequences for the national German Bio-Siegel:

As a protected sign, the Bio-Siegel may continue to be used unchanged and in connection with the EU organic farming logo to label organic food!

The Bio-Siegel continues to be an effective marketing instrument. For over a decade now and due to consumer recognition and trust, it has been enjoying a considerable advantage over other signs or logos!

Bio-Siegel users have a broad spectrum of individual marketing options, also if they intend to use the sign  in combination with other labels of origin or association signs or trade marks, to the benefit of each company and consumers alike.

Prior to being brought into circulation, every product to be labelled with the Bio-Siegel must be notified to the Bio-Siegel Information Service.

For further information on the EU organic farming logo and to access the user manual with guidelines regarding its design, please refer to

Click here for an overview of the main relevant legislation.