Notification of use

Notification for use of the Bio-Siegel

Before being placed on the market, all products labelled with the German Bio-Siegel (hexagonal sign) must be notified to the Bio-Siegel Information Centre of the Federal Agency of Agriculture and Food (BLE) in accordance with the German Eco-Labelling Ordinance.

The unlawful use of the organic label can be penalised as an administrative offence by imposing certain fines.

Along with the notification of use, please do submit the respective product labels or sample menus (in the fields of communal catering and gastronomy), designed with the Bio-Siegel. Please note that your notification can only be processed once these have been submitted. When creating the product labels, please observe the design regulations for the Bio-Siegel.

Possible ways of notification

There are two possible ways of notifying the Bio-Siegel use:

Online Notice

Notification in writing

Irrespective of the form of your notification, following its review by the BLE, we shall inform you by e-mail as soon as your products have been released for the use of the Bio-Siegel.

Access to the Bio-Siegel database and data management

Please update your account in the Bio-Siegel database regularly. Changes regarding products, e.g. the control body or the product label / packaging layout must be updated in the database. Please delete products, which are no longer manufactured and marketed from the database.

Once you have established an access to the database with your own password, via the online notification, you shall be able to update and expand your entries yourself. If you registered via the Bio-Siegel Information Centre (in case of a written notification), we shall send you the information required to access the database and to manage your data by post.

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Forgot your password?

In case you forgot your password, please do not register your company again. Contact us instead:

Telephone: +49 (0)228 / 6845-2200

We shall send you new access data.

Data protection

For information regarding data protection please refer to the: Privacy policy for the BLE’s specialist applications (in German language only).

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