Checklist for import companies

Checklist for import companies

As an importer, you may use the Bio-Siegel to label products only if the following requirements are met:

1 Your import company is a certified establishment and thus a member of the control system under Regulation (EU) 2018/848.

Only companies which were controlled and certified according to EU legislation on organic production may import organic products and label them with the Bio-Siegel. So, as an importer, you first need to register your activity with an accredited control body and sign a control contract. Click here for a list of certification bodies accredited in Germany.

Once the contract was signed, your company will be registered with the competent authority in the federal state concerned. Click here for contact information of the competent authorities in the federal states.

2. Your product has been imported in accordance with the provisions of EU legislation on organic farming.

The precondition for importing and marketing organic products from third countries is the certification of these products according to a standard that has been accepted and accredited by the European Commission.

Once an organic product has been imported and custom cleared into the EU, it can be treated as a national product within the EU.

Prior to importing from a third country, please inform yourself in detail on the current regulations. You can find further information on the website of the European Comission.

If you have questions regarding the import of organic productions, please contact the competent authorities in the federal states or the Federal states or the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food:

Unit 522
Phone: +49(0)228 6845 -2628 or -2915

3 The Bio-Siegel meets the graphic requirements of the German Eco Label Ordinance.

The Bio-Siegel may be used on packaging, advertising and promotional materials only in accordance with the German Eco Label Ordinance. Click here for information on the use and design of the Bio-Siegel as well as print templates.

The Bio-Siegel is registered as a protected trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) as the proprietor of the trademark shall pursue any claims as to rights of prohibition or damages that might result under private law.

4 You notified your product to the Bio-Siegel Information Service.

Before bringing a product labelled with the Bio-Siegel on the market for the first time, you must notify it to the Bio-Siegel Information Service. Here you can find more information about the product notification.

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